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Alternative to Laser Hair Removal

by Junaid Azam 27 Jun 2022 0 Comments
What are Unwanted Hairs (Hirsutism)?

Apart from this, 9 out of 10 women have unwanted hairs that grow on their face and different parts of body. Thus, this excessive growth of unwanted hair is result of a condition called Hirsutism.

Normally women have delicate hairs on their face and other parts of body. Even though, the distinction between the unwanted hairs and normal hairs on a female’s face and body is defined by the texture. Inspite of, the normal hairs are fine and delicate. Besides, they are light in color and usually undetectable with naked eye. Surely, they are often term as peach fuzz.

However, unwanted hairs are rough and coarse. Basically, they are black in color and easily detectable with naked eye. Morever, they become cause of unpleasant appearance and lower the confidence of women in their day to day work life. For this reason, they are unwanted.

Why Women have Unwanted Hairs?

Basically, women have unwanted hairs due number of reasons:

  • Firstly, disturbance of female reproductive hormones
  • Secondly, Irregular Periods
  • Thirdly, Polly Cystic Ovaries Syndrome (PSOS)
  • Forthly, Unhygienic Life Style
  • Finally, Bad Dietary Habits
Unwanted Hair Removal:

Furthermore, as mentioned above unwanted hairs give unpleasant appearance therefore women adopt numbers of ways like threading, waxing, trimming, epilating, etc to remove them. Eventually, the difficulty is they come again after few days of removal until unless they are permanently remove.

Best Natural Hair Removal Serum:

In addition, Never Grow Hair Delay Serum is the only solution for permanent hair removal that is 100 percent organic, natural, and alternative to laser hair removal process. Indeed, manufactured purely by organic ingredients without any chemical additive. No dounbt, it is herbal blend that contains herbs and essential oils. Hence, it helps remove superfluous or excessive hair on the face and obeviously different parts of body. 

  1. Permanent Hair Growth Inhibitor.
  2. Natural & best alternative to laser hair treatment.
  3. 10 times economical than laser hair removal treatment.
  4. 20 % more effective than laser hair removal treatment.
  5. Equally effective on white, grey and black hairs.
  6. Hypoallergenic and all skin types.
  7. No dermatologist/clinic visit required.
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