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Cold Pressed Black Seed Oil

Cold Pressed Black Seed Oil

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Black Seeds is known around the world by many names because of its ancient popular history and medicinal value viz: black caraway, roman coriander, carvi (french), schwarzkummel (german), kalonji (hindi/urdu), kezah(hebrew) chernushka (russian), corek-otu(turkish), habbat-albarakah or habbatus-  sauda (Arabic) siyah daneh (Persian) etc.

Black seed (Nigella sativa) is considered to be one of the greatest healing herbs of all times. This herb has been used for millenniums to strengthen the immune system, cleanse the body, purify the blood, protect against irritants, and support healthy longevity. Long forgotten this herb is now enjoying a positive and welcomed come-back.

In Islam, it is regarded as one of the greatest forms of healing medicine available. Muhammad (SAWW) once stated that:

The black seed can heal every disease-except death-as recounted in the following hadith. (Sahih Muslim: Book 26 Kitab As-Salam, Number 5489)

However, both Black Seeds oil and seeds are equally good but, Black Seeds oil is preferred over seeds as it is 35% to 50% more potent and convenient to use. However, black seeds are sometimes misleadingly confused with similar looking onion seed and black sesame, both are totally unrelated and definitely are not the same.

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  1. Black Seeds contains over 100 valuable nutrients. It is comprised of approximately 21% protein, 38% carbohydrates, and 35% plant fats and oils. The active ingredients of Black Seeds are nigellone, thymoquinone, and fixed oils.
  2. Black Seeds contains significant proportions of protein, carbohydrates and essential unsaturated fatty acids, namely linoleic acid and gamma linolenic acid(omega3 &6), which are essential for a healty immune system other than calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B2, niacin, and vitamin C.
  3. Nigellon semohiprepinon is an effective treatment of bronchial asthma and respiratory allergies because of its ability to expand and relax the air ways. It also reduces the release of histamines into the bloodstream and thus works against allergic reactions.
  4. Another active ingredient of Black Seeds is Thymohydrochionon, also acts as an antihistamine and pain reliever.
  5. In addition, use of Black Seeds helps in synthesis of prostaglandin E1. Prostaglandin E1 suppresses the release of allergic messenger substances and harmonizes the immune system. During the course of long term use the body's defense mechanism stops its excess activity and regains its balance. This ameliorates ailments caused by allergic hyper-reactions, such as asthma, hay fever, and eczema. Long-term supplementation with Black Seeds can reduce allergic symptoms greatly.
  6. It has been traditionally used for a variety of conditions and treatments related to respiratory health, stomach and intestinal health, kidney and liver function, circulatory and immune system support, as analgesic, anti-inflammatory, ant allergic, antioxidants, anticancer, antiviral, and for general well-being.
  7. Besides all, the seeds are also rich in sterols especially beta-sitosterol which is known to have anticarcinogenic activity.


Mix a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil in coffee. Taken twice daily. Also, rub chest with Black Seed Oil every night and inhale the vapor of Black Seed Oil in hot water.


Black Seeds

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tib e navi saww oil in pakistan

Black Seeds Oil Benefits

Mildly heat a small amount of Black Seed Oil and then stroke the rheumatic area intensely. A teaspoon of the oil should also be drunk three times daily. 

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