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Black Seed Benefits – Nigella Sativa

by Junaid Azam 27 Jun 2022 0 Comments

Nigella Sativa originates from western asia and is an herb that grows about 16-24 inches in height and has white flowers when in bloom. Basically, this plant is now cultivated from the Near East to India. However, the deep black, sharp-cornered rectangular seeds (no longer than 3 mm) are the part of the plant that is used for the preparation of products. Likewise, there are so much black seed benefits but here we will discuss few ones including its remedy.

In addition, the black seed is cultivated in Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Arabia, Oman, Ethiopia, the Middle East, Far East, India, Bangladesh, France, Germany, and the Mediterranean Basin. Furthermore, it also grows wild in Egypt, Syria, Asiatic Turkey, and the Balkan States.

Nigella Sativa is known commonly in Arabic as Habbat-ul-Baraka (blessed seed) and in English as Love in the Mist.

BLACK SEED (Black Cumin)

Black Seed/Nigella Sativa is one of the species most exhaustively investigated for therapeutic purposes. It is an eastern flowering plant that grows 20-30 centimeter tall and has delicate lowers of pale blue and white color. Its seeds are used commonly as spices daily in South East Asian countries.   

Historical Significance

Black Seed is being treasured, as having medicinal significance, from centuries by the human civilizations. One of the several articles that were found in the tomb of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen was the Black Seed. It is a spice that grows in the Mediterranean region and Western Asian Countries including India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. The historical references to Black Seeds are also found in the ancient religious and medical texts. For instance, it is referred to as Malathion by Hippocrates and Discords, whereas the Bible describes it as the curative black cumin.

black seed powder in pakistan

black seed oil in pakistan

black seed oil and honey in pakistan

Black Seeds have many names:
  • Caraway Seed or Black Cumin (English Name)
  • Nigella Sativa (Binomial Name)
  • Panacea (Old Latin meaning ‘cure-all’)
  • Habbah Sawda’ or ‘Habbat el Baraka ( Arabic translated as ‘Seeds of blessing’)
  • Hak Jung Chou (China)
  • Kalojeere (Bangladesh)
  • Kalonji (Pakistan, India)

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  • Amino Acids
  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fixed and Volatile Oils
  • Alkaloids and many other compounds

The scientific evidence suggests that black seed might help:

  • To boost the immune system and fight cancer
  • Reduce swelling.
  • Lessen allergic reactions by acting as an antihistamine
Home Remedies

Black Seed is used as a home remedy for headache, toothache, nasal congestion, asthma, arthritis, and intestinal worms. Sometimes it is also used for “pink eye” (conjunctivitis), pockets of infection (abscesses), and parasites. Mostly black seed used for asthma, diabetes, hypertension, weight loss, and many other conditions.

Some traditional black seed remedies around the world

For centuries, the black seed and its oil have been used by people in Asia, Africa, the Middle, and the Far East to promote health and fight disease. It has been traditionally used to treat a variety of ailments and conditions related to respiratory health, stomach and intestinal complaints, kidney and liver function, circulatory and immune system support and to improve health in general. 

Asthma & Bronchial Problems

Mix a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil in coffee. Taken twice daily. Also, rub chest with Black Seed Oil every night and inhale the vapor of Black Seed Oil in hot water.

  • Backache & other kinds of rheumatism (Middle East & Malay Peninsula)

Mildly heat a small amount of Black Seed Oil and then stroke the rheumatic area intensely. A teaspoon of the oil should also be drunk three times daily. 

  • Diabetes (India)

Firstly, mix a cup of whole Black Seeds, a cup of watercress or mustard seeds, half a cup of pomegranate peel, and half a cup of fumitory. Grind the mixture to powder. Take half a teaspoon of the mixture together with a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil daily before breakfast for one month.

  • Diarrhea (India & Middle East)

Secondly, mix a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil with a cup of yoghurt. Drinking the mixture twice a day until symptoms disappear.

  • Dry Cough (Middle East & North Africa)

Thirdly, a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil should be mixed in coffee and taken twice a day. Rub the chest and back with Black Seed Oil.

  • Flu & Nasal Congestion (General)

Forthly, placing three to four drops of Black Seed Oil in each nostril can relieve nasal congestion and head cold distress.

  • Hair Greying (General)

Massaging the hair with Black Seed Oil regularly may prevent premature hair greying.

  • Hair Loss (India & Middle East)

Stroke the scalp thoroughly with lemon and leave for about 15 minutes, shampoo, wash and dry hair thoroughly. Then massage Black Seed Oil into the scalp. Drink a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil mixed in tea/coffee.

  • Hay Fever (Middle East)

One tablespoon of Black Seed Oil mixed with a glass of lemon should be taken twice daily until symptoms disappear.

  • Headaches (General)

Rub the forehead and the sides of the face near the ears with Black Seed Oil and bandage the head. Also a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil should be taken before breakfast.

  • Healthy Being (General)

To maintain good health take a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil mixed with one teaspoon of pure honey, twice daily.

  • Healthy Complexion (General)

Mix a tablespoon of Black Seed Oil with a tablespoon of olive oil. Rub the face with this mixture and leave it for at least one hour. Wash with soap and water.

  • Hypertension (India)

Mix any drink with a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil and also take two lobes of garlic every morning with breakfast. Rub all the body with Black Seed Oil and expose your body to sun rays for half an hour once every three days. Repeat for one month.

  • Laziness and Fatigue (Turkey)

One tablespoon of Black Seed Oil with a glass of pure orange juice every morning for at least 10 days.

  • Memory Improvement (Middle East)

A teaspoon of Black Seed Oil mixed in 100mg of boiled mint for at least 15 days.

  • Muscular pains (General)

Massage the area with Black Seed Oil.

  • Nervous Tension Stress (India)

A teaspoon of Black Seed Oil with a cup of tea/coffee to be taken three times daily.

  • Sexual Impotency (Europe & Middle East)

Mix 200g of ground Black Seeds with Olive Oil & l00g of ground olibanum & 50g of Black Seed Oil & 50g of olive oil & 200g of pure honey. Mix thoroughly and take a tablespoon after every meal.

  • Sleeping Disorder (General)

A tablespoon of Black Seed Oil mixed with honey in any hot drink in the evening.

  • Toothache & Gums (General)

First cook Black Seeds with vinegar. Add Black Seed Oil. Rinse the mouth with this formulation to help the gums and relieve toothache.

Ulcers (Indonesia & India)

As a result, roast powdered Black Seeds over the fire. Mix them with oil of orrisroot, or the oil of henna plant, or the oil of campfire plant making an ointment that is then spread over the festering rural ulcers. After lavation treat with vinegar.

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