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Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently

by Junaid Azam 27 Jun 2022 0 Comments

Studies show that 5 out of 10 Pakistan women are noticing unwanted hair growth on face or other body parts. Most of the women do not know the exact cause and fear to consult the doctor or cannot afford the expensive treatments. The alarmingly excessive usage of formula based creams for instant beautification, whitening and glow is adding to the problems. Mercury, steroids and other chemicals are added into these products to get instant results which also trigger hair growth on face and body. The commonly known causes of excessive hair growth include high level of androgens, hormonal imbalance, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), lifestyle issues, and usage of hormonal drugs and/or hereditary traits.

Facial and Body Hair Removal Issues:

70% women facing facial and body hairs do not visit doctor due to multiple reasons including but not limited to social barriers, financial constraints and lack of awareness. As a result, the hair growth is increased; hairs become thick and course like men leading towards many social issues for example lack of confidence, inferiority complex, late or delay in marriages, disturbance in marital life, lack of interest of partner etc. Women use traditional waxing, threading, tweezing techniques to mask the problem which are painful and temporary arrangements and do not address the actual problem.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Effects:

30% women go for expensive Laser hair removal treatment but most of them cannot reach to authentic, qualified, trained skin specialists or cosmetologists. Many untrained beauticians, paramedics; technicians have laser machines at their saloons and are giving expensive laser hair removal packages which may cause more harm than benefit. In such situation, women direly need an authentic home based permanent hair removal method which permanently reduce or inhibit hair growth and should be easy to use and cost effective. Herbsasia Never Grow Hair Delay Serum has solved this problem.


Herbsasia Never Grow Hair Delay Serum has solved this problem and is effectively remove hairs from the following parts:

  1. Facial Hair (upper lip, eyebrows, chin, and sideburns)
  2. Leg Hair
  3. Under Arm Hair
  4. Back Hair
  5. Chest Hair.
  6. Ear Hair.
  7. Pubic Hair/Bikini Line.
Usage Instructions:

The use of Never Grow Hair Delay Serum is very simple and easy to remove unwanted hair permanently. Just three steps will slow the growth of unwanted hairs anywhere from the body

  1. Firstly, remove the hairs from roots through wax/threading/epilator.
  2. Secondly, spray serum three (3) times a day for seven (7) days and do gentle massage for 5 Sec in the opposite direction of hair.
  3. Finally, repeat the 7 days cycle after every waxing/threading/epilation for 6 months or till the hair growth is completely stopped.



Tweezing Date


Day 1  2  3  4  5  6  7

Spray Never Grow Hair Delay Serum

Morning +Evening+ Night for 7 Days. (Tick the box)

1 -----/------/-------              
2 -----/------/-------              
3 -----/------/-------              
4 -----/------/-------              
5 -----/------/-------              
6 -----/------/-------              
7 -----/------/-------              
8 -----/------/-------              
9 -----/------/-------              
10 -----/------/-------              
11 -----/------/-------              
12 -----/------/-------              
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